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Please complete the form below if you would like to use any media.  

If your request is for NE Licensing, you may publish after you complete the form.  By doing so, you agree to be charged based on the fee table below.
Request Media
Licensing Type

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly.

Licensing Types

(NE) Non-Exclusive - NE Licensing gives your station the ability to use the media for all broadcasts and publications related to the story it was filmed for.  

(EX) Exclusive -  Exclusive licensing gives your station the ability to be the only station with that particular media.  No other station will be allowed to purchase those exact pieces of media, though they will be able to purchase other media captured for the story.  Due to the logistics of Exclusive Licensing, it will only be granted on a first come, first serve basis  
Exclusive Licensing is double the price indicated above.

(NE) and (EX) Licenses do not grant permission for media to be used as file media for any other story or for any other reason, other than the original story it was captured for.

(CO) Contract

(PC) Purchase

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